The aim of the school is to treat every child as an individual and to provide high quality spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and social education within a caring Catholic environment.


Board of Trustees

St Mary's Palmerston North 0 414

Our Board of Trustees consists of four people elected by our parents, three Proprietors representatives (appointed by the Bishop), a staff representative (elected by the Staff) and the Principal.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school (i.e. policy setting).  All monthly meetings of the Board are public and parents are welcome to attend.


2016-2019 Board of Trustees


Mary Nelmes

Parent Representative 

Adrian Smith

Deputy Chairperson

Carmela Laylo

Parent Representative 

Carmel Spencer

Bishop's Representative

Suneal Singh


Maureen Standish

Staff Representative

Terry O'Brien

Bishop's Representative

Christopher Cooper

Parent Representative

 Sam Richardson

Parent Representative 
Minute Secretary

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St Mary's School Staff - 2018

St Mary's Palmerston North 0 536


Suneal Singh Principal
Maureen Standish Deputy Principal
Andrea Deakin Director of RE Room 5 Teacher
Paul Newsome Room 7 Teacher
Claire Walshe Room 6 Teacher
Greer Goldsmid Room 3 Teacher
Amy Hopping Room 4 Teacher
Sonya Mildenhall Room 2 Teacher
Taciana Taylor Room 1 Teacher 
Robyn Wild Teaching Support
Frances Barlow Teaching Support
Gemma Elston Teaching Support
Trisha Mokole Cleaner/Caretaker
Vicky Hayward Administration Manager
Patricia Campbell Office Assistant



Special Character

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The proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools and Christian parents who confide their children to the school have the responsibility to ensure that the SPECIAL CHARACTER of the school is maintained and preserved.

The Special Character of a Catholic School is defined in the Integration Act as: “The school is a Roman Catholic School in which the whole school community, through the general school programme and its religious instructions and observances, exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are as expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, as determined from time to time by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese.”



That St. Mary's will be a community where gospel values are central, where faith is nourished, and where Christian celebration in the Catholic tradition is highly valued.