The aim of the school is to treat every child as an individual and to provide high quality spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and social education within a caring Catholic environment.


St Mary's School Staff - 2022
St Mary's Palmerston North
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St Mary's School Staff - 2022


 Suneal Singh Principal
 Maureen Standish             Deputy Principal
 Paul Newsome Team Pono 7 Teacher
 Claire Walshe Team Pono 6 Teacher
 Andrea Deakin DRS/Team Tika 5 Teacher            
 Deana Collis Team Tika Teacher
 Deborah Gouwland Team Tika TLC Teacher
 Greer Jenkins Team Tika 4 Teacher
 Sonya Mildenhall Team Aroha M Teacher
 April Haayema Team Aroha H Teacher                   
 Katrina Trewhitt Team Aroha T Teacher
 Nicola Silver Team Aroha S Teacher
 Nilamarie Trocio Office Administrator
 Gemma Elston Learning Support
 Pam Bradley Learning Support  
 Reuben Goddard Learning Support  
 Diane Havell Learning Support  
 Alanna Cooper Learning Support  
 Belinda Clark Learning Support  
 Jack Popata Learning Support  
 Trish Mokole Caretaker/Cleaner  


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