The aim of the school is to treat every child as an individual and to provide high quality spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and social education within a caring Catholic environment. The curriculum at St. Mary’s School is based on the New Zealand Curriculum Framework. It covers the seven National Essential Learning Areas of: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Health and Physical Education and the Arts with Religious Education as our eighth essential learning area. The curriculum incorporates the Essential Skills, allows for individual needs and abilities and promotes attitudes and values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Student Achievement Goals

  • That students will achieve a level of literacy relevant to and beyond their chronological age
  • That students will develop confidence in numeracy skills and knowledge and recognise the relevance to everyday situations
  • That students will develop skills, strategies and confidence toward becoming independent learners.

Religious Education is a specific part of the curriculum and is integrated into the total life of the school. Regular prayer has a vital place in the classroom, assemblies and the staff life of the school. Active participation in Church liturgies is a regular feature and sacramental programme which is parish based involves parents, school and parish in a meaningful way. A parent booklet to assist parents with following up school programmes in Religious Education is a requirement that can be purchased at the school office.