Enrolments are accepted from Year 1 to Year 6.  (5-11 years)

Students who have an established religious connection with the Catholic Character of the school, in other words, Catholic themselves, will be given a preferential place on the list of applicants for enrolment.  Non preference or non-Catholic enrolments, is restricted to five percent of the total roll and dependent upon vacancies at the time of enrolment.  All students being considered for enrolment at St Mary's School must see our Parish Priest who solely determines the eligibility for preference/non preference of enrolment using nationally set criteria.

Enrolment Procedures

  1. Arrange to see the Principal to discuss your child's needs and to hear what the school has to offer.

  2. Arrange an appointment to see the Parish Priest of St Mary's who will discuss Preference and Non Preference of enrolment with you.  If Catholic, please bring a copy of your child's Baptism Certificate to this meeting. Preference Forms must be signed by the  Parish Priest of the Parish to which the family belongs.  The Parish Priest at St Mary's will counter sign the form if your are moving from another Parish.

  3. Bring the Preference Form and for new entrant children his or her Birth and Immunisation Certificates to the school office where enrolment procedures can be completed.

  4. No placement can be held or enrolment confirmed until the school receives the Preference Form.


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New Entrants Enrolments

St Mary's Palmerston North 0 721

Parents of New Entrant children will receive a written invitation to visit the reception classroom on up to three occasions before the child starts school.  An extensive information kit will be given to the parents of all New Entrant children.  In order to give children an optimum start to school, it is strongly recommended that no New Entrant children begin school in December each year.  All our contributing kindergartens are willing to retain December five year olds until the Christmas holidays.  Parents of children turning five in December are welcome to discuss this matter with the school.




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