School Home Communication Information

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There is a newsletter every second Thursday.  Newsletters are sent to parents via email or in paper form on a fortnightly basis thereafter to keep them informed about school matters and the dates of coming events.

LINC-ED will be our main way of reporting to parents online.  You can log in and view your child's progress by visiting the following website:

If the need arises, you may like to discuss your child’s progress with the class teacher firstly, then the senior staff member of the team, then the Principal.  You are welcome to do this, but it will be necessary to make an appointment to avoid clashing with meetings and other arrangements.

School wide issues should be discussed with the Principal.  If further communication is then required, a formal letter should be addressed to the BOT.

Parents are urged to take an active interest in school organisations and to attend school functions.  Small worries can often be ironed out then while teachers and parents work together to advantage the child’s progress.It is vital for the school to have up-to-date records of a home address, and home and work phone numbers.  Please advise the school promptly of any changes. 


It is necessary for parents to provide some phone numbers where they, or someone responsible can be contacted in the case of sickness or accident.


Any concerns about respective children’s learning should firstly be discussed with the classroom teacher … secondly with the senior staff member of the team … thirdly, if not totally satisfied, with the Principal.


Please notify the Principal, in writing or in person, when a withdrawal is to take place.  Time is needed for the return of library books and for a child to have all his or her books and other articles ready to leave the school.



Health Information

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Parents should telephone, email or send a message on the HERO app before 8.40 am if their child is to be absent or late to school.

A written note is to follow every absence.

If children are to be absent for three days or more, it does help if the class teacher or secretary is notified.

A medical certificate is required for school administration.



Dental therapists will visit our school a minimum of once per year to inspect our children’s teeth and action where necessary.  Treatment required is at Ross Intermediate School Dental Clinic.



During the first year of schooling pupils are tested by the Department of Health officers for vision and hearing.

Annual re-testing is carried out on those found with defects, along with children referred by teachers in consultation with parents.

Five-year-old children may have a full medical check by the Public Health Nurse.  Parents will be notified so they might be present.



Class Trips & Camps Information

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From time to time classes visit places of educational interest as part of their studies.

While Activity Fees cover many of these there may be an associated cost. If transport is required, we may hire a bus to cover this. Sometimes it is more economical to ask parents to provide cars.

In such cases it is expected that any offered car is adequately covered by a normal insurance policy, registered and with a current warrant of fitness and fully licensed driver. 

Seat belts are to be provided and worn by all children being transported. 


Children in Years 5 and 6 will participate in organised camps (usually a Ski Trip) in alternate years. 

There will be an associated cost and a need for parental involvement.




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You can send the reason for your child/children's absence on the HERO App or at the absentee number below.

Absentee Text Number - 021 394 0005.  It may be more convenient for some of you to text through your child's absentee.  Please leave your child's name, Room Number and the reason for their absence before 9.30am.


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Lunches Information

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We do not encourage noodles and such like because of the danger hot water poses to children.

We also discourage lunches that need microwave heating.

Eating utensils must be brought from home.

During the course of the year we may offer bought lunches. Information regarding these will be sent out.

Sweets and soft drinks

Children are not permitted to have sweets.

We would rather children did not bring fizzy drinks.

Plastic bottles are recommended.

Children are encouraged to bring water to drink during the day.